por Naikodemus

the future has imploded into the present.
with no nuclear war the new battlefields are people’s minds and souls.
megacorporations are the new governments.
the computer generated info-domains are the new frontiers.
though there is better living through science and chemistry we are all becoming cyborgs.
the computer is the new cool tool.
though we say all information should be free it is not.
information is power and currency in the virtual world we inhabit.
so mistrust authority.
cyberpunks are the true rebels.
cyberculture is coming in under the radar of ordinary society.
an unholy alliance of the tech world and the world of organized dissent.
welcomed to the cybercorporation.
Bily Idol, 1993.

El texto incorpora algunas inserciones del cantante a un manifiesto original de Gareth Branwyn titulado “Is There A Cyberpunk Movement?” (“¿Hay un movimiento ciberpunk?”) del año 1992.